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Buyer Services
We realize each buyer is different and has special needs. We work with all types of buyers looking to buy a business on the Outer Banks. This includes first-time, experienced, corporate, strategic and synergistic buyers.
  • We know the Outer Banks business climate and have first-hand experience in the area.
  • We do not list every business that comes along. The business opportunity must make sense from a buyer's perspective.
  • We only present businesses that will have three years of Profit and Loss statements and/or tax returns available.
  • We communicate with you regularly to update progress and keep you informed of all developments.
  • We work with you to discuss, analyze and form a mutually agreed upon acquisition search. These searches include internet, local, database and associate searches.
Once a business is found, we can help you investigate and evaluate the business. When you make a final selection, we can assist in the negotiating of the price and terms, making the offer and closing the deal.